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InstantKB 2011 to 2011-1

This article details the steps necessary to update an existing InstantKB 2011 installation to the InstantKB 2011-1 release. You can also find information in this article on the additions, updates & fixes included within InstantKB 2011-1.

The primary focus for this release has been to resolve issues reported since the 2011 release and to improve various areas based on issues we've identified since the previous release and customer feedback.

InstantKB 2011-1 Improvements

Quick Search Added to all tabs within Staff CP

To help you quickly locate articles & tickets within the Staff Control Panel you'll now find a "Quick Search" option below all tabs which will allow you to quickly search within any tab from within any Staff CP page....

Improved Ticketing Search

We've made a number of improvements to the ticket search functionality. With 2011-1 we now search ticket replies and ticket attachments. Also when searching for users we'll now search the username, email address, company name and first & last name fields. The goal was to broaden the search for user information to help your staff quickly locate customer tickets.

We've also added options which allow you to search only ticket replies or attachments...

Ticket Keyword Highlighting

Keyword highlighting will now persist to tickets so you can easily identify where your search terms appear within a ticket.

Automatic Glossary Term Tool tips within Tickets (Contextual Help)

You can now define glossary terms that will be automatically hyper-linked within tickets allowing you to provide additional contextual information for specific keywords. phrases or abbreviations to your customers within tickets.

InstantKB 2011-1 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with tag auto complete being hidden behind modal pop up window
  • Fixed issue with various links within ticket statistics on staff CP homepage not working correctly
  • Fixed issue with total categories statistics link in staff CP redirecting to articles page
  • Fixed issue with attachment space restrictions when editing tickets not working as expected
  • Fixed issue with status not updating when viewing tickets if ticket was within a workflow with a status change action
  • Fixed issue with escalation emails being sent multiple times & tickets being flagged as escalated multiple times
  • Added the ability for you to select when other workflows when defining "Next Steps" within a workflows tep
  • Fixed issue with Enable Tab option within Staff Permission sets not working
  • Fixed issues with duplicate workflow steps appearing within articles if you defined next steps & had multiple workflows
  • Fixed issue with "Propagate Member Groups" generating exception when adding or editing categories
  • Fixed bug with time zone during registration not defaulting to application time zone
  • Fixed issue with "Send Article via Email" feature not working in FireFox & other Mozilla browsers 
  • Fixed issue with secondary categories & member groups when editing articles not selecting correctly
  • Updated category column display within tickets to include full breadcrumb & remove hyperlink
  • Fixed alignment issues within modal pop-up image selection when creating or editing attachment types
  • Fixed issue with modal pop-up close button causing JS error when editing a troubleshooter step
  • Added two path app settings to web.config for scenarios where httpmodules may not have access to HttpContext.
  • Fixed several small typos & grammatical errors, improved several tooltips
  • Various code refactoring,  improved ode comment
  • Various performance improvements mainly around checking for empty strings

Upgrade from 2011 to 2011-1

1. Download InstantKB 2011-1

Download the InstantKB 2011-1 update from your My.InstantASP area.

If your an existing 2011 customer the 2011-1 download will be available automatically on your My Licenses page at https://my.instantasp.co.uk/MyLicenses.aspx.

Download the 2011-1 update and extract the contents of the zip file to your desktop. This will create a new folder on your desktop called InstantKB2011-1DEV or InstantKB2011-1EUL depending on your license.

2. Update your existing InstantKB 2011 files

The quickest way to update is to simply copy the entire contents of the "InstantKB2011" folder (excluding web.config file) again to your current InstantKB 2011 installation.

This will replace all existing 2011 files. If you choose to replace all files you may wish to keep your existing master page. If so you can skip the Skin\Classic\MasterPage.master file to preserve any changes to your existing master page.

Replacing only the updated files

If you've customized / modified a number of InstantKB files you may wish to simply copy only the updated files into your installation. There are no new files with this update. You'll need to ensure you update the existing files with the latest versions from the InstantKB 2011-1 download. You can find below a complete list of all updated files within the InstantKB 2011-1 release.

3. Update your existing 2011 database

We have updated two stored procedures with 2011-1.

To apply the update to your InstantKB 2011 database please run the file located within the 2011-1 download at...


Updated InstantKB 2011-1 Files

The following files have been updated with the InstantKB 2011-1 update. If you wish to only apply the updated files you should copy the files from the InstantKB 2011-1 download listed below into your existing InstantKB 2011 installation.

Updated Assemblies

The following assemblies will need updating...

  • InstantASP.Common.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.Configuration.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.Data.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.UI.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantKB.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantKB.Data.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantKB.UI.dll

Skin Files Updates

If you've created your own skin for InstantKB you will need to copy the following files into your skin folder. If you've customized the CSS for your skin we would suggest using a tool like WinMerge to see the changes we've introduced and apply these to your CSS.

  • \Skins\Classic\Controls\ViewSearchOptions.ascx

CSS Files

  • \Skin\Classic\Styles\InstantASP.Common.UI.css

JavaScript Files

The following JavaScript files will require updating...

  • \js\jb.js

Language Pack Files

To accomodate for the new strings within 2.0.6 you will need to replace your Respirces.xml file.

  • \Globalization\en-US\Resources.xml
  • \Globalization\en-US\Strings.js

Database Changes

We have updated two stored procedures with 2011-1.

To apply the update to your InstantKB 2011 database  please run the file lcoated within the 2011-1 download at...

  • [InstallPath]\InstantKB2011\DatabaseScripts\UpgradeScripts\2011_to_2011-1.sql

That's It!

Once you've updated the files listed above and updated your database you should visit your existing InstantKBinstallation. If everything was successful you should be able to continue using your knowledgebase as before. As always if you have any questions or run into any problems during the upgrade don't hesitate to leave your comments below, open a support ticket or contact us.