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Configuring Outbound Emails within InstantKB

In order to ensure application generated email;;s are sent correctly you will need to specify the SMTP server used to send emails generated by InstantKB. Typically you'll simply require the SMTP serge address however if your mail server uses SMTP authentication you'll also need to specify a username & password.

You can modify email settings within InstantKB from the Admin CP > Settings > Ourbound Email page as shown in the screen grab below...

Pop your SMTP server information here and click Save Settings.

Testing InstantKB Emails

To now test the sending of email's you can update your username or perform another action within the application that generates email. To quickly test email's after this change please visit the Admin CP and click the Members link. Click "Manage Members" and click the "Edit Profile" link. Scroll down a little and click the Update Username button.

Add your username into the textbox and click send. This will attempt to send an email from the application and will show now with the changes above the true error message. Once you see the actual exception message we would suggest you forward the exception to support@instantasp.co.uk and we'll respond with what could be causing any problems.

I'm sure my SMTP information is correct but i'm not receiving any emails?

Emails generated by InstantKB are sent on a IIS background thread for performance reasons so any exceptions raised when sending emails will not be shown to end users. By default InstantKB will attempt to send any emails within the mail queued every 60 seconds. You can change this interval by configuring the "InstantASP_EmailInterval" application setting within he web.config.

If you have direct access to your database you can monitor emails within the queue by opening the InstantASP_Emails database table.

The steps below will enable you to see the actual .NET exception message raised by the System.Net classes if there are any problems sending emails from InstantKB.

1. Open the InstantKB web.config

2. Change the InstantASP_AutoFlushMailQueue setting to True as shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_AutoFlushMailQueue" value="True" />

 3. Change the InstantASP_EnableSMTPDebug setting to True as shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_EnableSMTPDebug" value="True" />

These changes will ensure InstantKB attempts to send emails immediately & will also ensure the actual error message is displayed if your experiencing problems semdomg emails from InstantKB.

Testing Emails

Once you've made the changes above to test emails we would suggest using a page that performs a traditional post back to the web server. If for example you try to send an article via email this uses AJAX and wont' reveal the true nature of the underlying email problem.

We would suggest you navigate to your InstantKB Admin CP and Click Members > Manage Members. Edit your profile and locate the "Edit Username" button for your user account. This page will generate an email from within InstantKB and uses a traditional post back.

Simply enter your existing username into the "New Username" test box and ensure the "Send email notification" option is checked. Once happy click submit. We are not actually changing your username here we just want to test emails are generated successfully.This will generate an email from InstantKB and any errors that may be occurring will be displayed on the resulting page after you click he Submit button.

We would suggest submitting the full error report as a support ticket at https://tickets.instantasp.co.uk/

If you require any assistance with any email questions please contact us.