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Deploying InstantKB via FTP

To deploy InstantKB via FTP there are a few simple steps involved. 

In this example we'll install InstantKB into a child folder of an existing web site. We'll call this child folder "support" so the final URL to the InstantKB installation would be https://www.somecompany.com/support/

1. Connect to your web site via FTP. There are many great FTP tools available. We would suggest FileZilla as this is a free tool.  Once connected you should see all the existing folders and files that make up your web site. 
2. Create a new folder via FTP within the root of your web site. Call this folder "support".
3. Copy the contents of the "InstantKB2014" folder into your "support" folder...

4. As we are uploading to an existing web site and not a new web site within IIS the next step is to ensure your "support" folder is marked as a web application within IIS. The easiest way to do this is to connect to your web server via remote desktop and right click the "support" folder within IIS and select "Convert to Application". We would suggest a .NET 4.0 Integrated Application Pool. 

If your on a shard hosting account and don't have remote desktop access to your web server your hosting provider will typically provide a web based control panel that allows you to configure basic options within IIS.  This may be called "Application Starting Points" or similar depending on which control panel your hosting provider offers. 

If you are not able to locate this option within your hosting control panel please don't hesitate to contact us.  Please let us know which hosting company you are using and we'll assist further. 

5. Nearly there. The next step would be to update the database connection string within your "support/web.config" file to point to your InstantKB production database. 

That's It!

We hoped these steps help you deploy InstantKB. If you encounter any issues not discussed here of course please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll certainly assist further with your installation.