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Configure InstantKB File Permissions

To allow users to upload profile photographs & images within articles you'll need to configure windows permissions on your "Uploads" folder within the root of the InstantKB web application

You will need to ensure the windows account under which your InstantKB application runs  under has both "modify" & "write" permission to both the "Uploads" folder.

For Windows Server 2008, 2012 & Windows 7/8/10 this is typically the MACHINENAME/NETWORKSERVICE build in system account. You can check which windows account your InstantKB is running under by locating the application pool within IIS you are using for your installation. Right click the application pol within IIS and goto Advanced Settings. The windows account will be shown on this page as shown below...

Configure Upload Folder Permissions

You'll need to navigate to your InstantKB installation folder and locate the "Uploads" folder...

From the properties dialog locate the "Security" tab and ensure the windows account listed above has the correct permissions as shown below...

Child Folders

The "Uploads" folder contains a number of child folders. You should ensure the permissions are propagated to these folders also. You can do this by using the Advanced button when applying permissions and ensuring the Propagate permissions to all child objects is checked,

Additional Notes

By default we use the ASPNET or NETWORKSERVICE windows account for the permissions as this is the default windows account the ASP.NET worker process runs under. If you've configured IIS to use an alternative windows account for your ASP.NET application pool you'll need to ensure your custom windows account also has "write" & "modify" permissions on the "Uploads" folder. 

Rebuilding Core.css and Core.js 

If you intend to modify our JavaScript or CSS files and wish to rebuild the minified and bundled versions of these files on your server you will also need to ensure the same permissions described above are also applied to your "Skins" folder within the root of your InstantKB installation.