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Deploying InstantKB to Production

Securing your InstantKB installation

 We would always suggest reviewing our security best practices when deploying your InstantKB installation.

Uploading InstantKB to production 

To upload InstantKB to a shared hosting environment you'll first need a FTP tool to transfer the files to your web server. For a free FTP program we would suggest "FileZilla" or for a commercial client "CuteFTP".

You can also use Visual Studio to publish InstantKB to your hosting environment or Azure.

You'll need to use the FTP client or Visual Studio to connect to your web site. You will need to decide if you wish to install InstantKB into the root of your web site or within a child folder. If you choose to install InstantKB within a child folder you'll need to ensure that the child folder is set as a IIS web application with your hosting provider. You can typically configure application starting points or application pools from within the control panel used to manage your hosting account.

When uploading files to your host you will simply need to upload the contents of the "InstantKB2018/src" folder within the InstantKB download. You do not need to upload the "InstantASP.Common" or "InstantASP.InstantKB" folders. These folders contain the product source code which is only required for local development.

Medium Trust Hosting

InstantKB will work fine in medium trust hosting environments. By default the trust level within the web.config file is set to medium trust.

File Permissions

To allow users to upload images you'll need to allow write access to the "Uploads" folder within the root of your InstantKB installation. Please see "Configure InstantKB File Permissions".

Connection String

After uploading InstantKB to your production environment you will likely need to update the database connection string contained within the InstantKB web.config file. Please see "Updating the InstantKB Connection String".