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Downloading InstantKB

Existing customers can download InstantKB from within your InstantASP account. Use the link below to view your licenses and begin downloading InstantKB.

My Licenses

Forgot your Password?

During the purchase process you should have received your My.InstantASP password via email. If you don't have your password you can reset this using the following link https://community.instantasp.co.uk/resetpassword.aspx

 Once logged into your InstantASP account click the "Licenses" link on the left.

You should see the InstantKB download available within your Licenses list.

You will need to click the "Download" button to the right of the license to begin the download.

For installation we would suggest saving the ZIP file to your computers desktop.

Extracting the ZIP file

Once the download is complete you'll need to extract the contents of the ZIP file. You can use WinZip or WinRar to unzip the InstantKB download. We would suggest you extract the contents on the ZIP file to your desktop.

This will create a single new folder on your desktop containing all the InstantKB files.

If you purchased our End User License the folder will be named "InstantKB2015EUL".

If you purchased our developer license the folder will be named "InstantKB2015DEV".