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InstantForum 2017 to 2017-1

This article is intended to help existing InstantForum 2017 customers upgrades to the InstantForum 2017-1 release. First we'll detail all the fixes and improvements found within InstantForum 2017-1 and will ater provide steps to help existing customers upgrade.


  • Fixed issue with print topic page only showing first and last posts within a topic
  • Fixed issue that prevented custom member level image from displaying correctly on https based sites
  • Fixed issue with forum not rendering correctly if topic type descriptions contained certain characters
  • Fixed issue with member photos and profile banners using absolute URLs even with local file system provider
  • Fixed issues with @mentions not triggering correctly on AZERTY keyboard layouts
  • Fixed issue if topic had a topic type with an apostrophe in the name when editing said topic
  • Fixed issue with page index not being selected upon member list if you refreshed the page
  • Fixed issue with pager tooltip still displaying after paging within member list
  • Fixed issue that allowed user to malform quote markup


  • Added Canonical Link Support for all key pages to improve SEO
  • Added page index into page title for paginated pages to improve SEO
  • Buttons are now disabled when users submit a post or reply (to help prevent duplicates)
  • Improved cache invalidation for both forum and topic subscriptions
  • Added support so you can now double click or tap an image within the editor to flip the orientation of the image (helpful for mobile devices)

Upgrading from InstantForum 2017 to 2017-1

First we would suggest downloading our latest InstantForum 2017-1 update. If you're an existing InstantForum 2017 customer you should already see the InstantForum 2017-1 download available for download on your My Licenses page.

Once you've downloaded the InstantForum 2017-1 update there are two options to upgrade. You can perform either an inplace upgrade of your existing files or perform a fresh installation 2017-1. If you've not customized your InstantForum installation we would suggest the easier inplace upgrade. If you've customized your InstantForum 2017 installation we would suggest a fresh installation.

Inplace Upgrade

To perform an inplace upgrade within your existing InstantForum 2017 installation we would suggest downloading InstantForum 2017-1 as described above. Once downloaded copy the various 2017-1 files detailed within the "Updated Files" section below into your existing InstantForum 2017 installation.

You will be prompted to overwrite the existing files within your existing InstantForum 2017 installation and of course overwrite when prompted with the InstantForum 2017-1 files.

Fresh Installation

If you've heavily customized your InstantForum 2017 installation it may be easier to start with a fresh installation of the InstantForum 2017-1 update. This will allow you to verify the upgrade is working correctly before reapplying any visual or code customizatiuons.

To perform a fresh installation you will need to download InstantForum 2017-1 as detailed above and copy the contents of the "src" folder into your new IIS web site / web application folder. You can then point this fresh installation to your existing InstantForum 2017 database by updating the database connection string within the InstantForum 2017-1 web.config file. You should now be able to load your new InstantForum 2017-1 installation within a web browser and should see all your existing data.​

Updated Files

Client Files

  • Globalization/en-US/Resources.xml
  • Globalization/en-US/Strings.js
  • js/3-debug-common.js
  • js/5-debug-jPlugIns.js
  • js/6-debug-forum.js
  • js/7-debug-richtextbox.js
  • js/core.ls
  • js/aspnet/framework.js
  • Skins/Classic/Controls/ViewTopics.ascx
  • Skins/Classic/Controls/PostControl.ascx
  • Skins/Classic/Controls/QuickPostControl.ascx

​​Server Files  ​

  • bin/InstantASP.InstantForum.dll
  • bin/InstantASP.InstantForum.UI.dll

Database Updates

There have been no major updates to the database between InstantForum 2017 and InstantForum 2017-1. For this reason you don't need to run any TSQL script against your existing InstantForum 2017 database to upgrade this to the latest InstantForum 2017-1 schema. ​

That's It

We hope this guide helps you upgrade your existing InstantForum 2017 installation to the InstantForum 2017-1 update. Of coruse should you have any quesitons or run into any issues during your upgrade please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket or contact us.​