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Showing & hiding columns within forum lists

Within InstantForum we present all forum lists via the ViewForumGroups server control. You can find this control within the Skins/{YourSkinName}/Controls directory. The ViewForumGroups control also has a "Column" property that allows you to easily show or hide specific columns within your list of forums. This can be particularly helpful if you trying to incorporate InstantForum within a narrow fixed width design.

Removing Last Poster Column From Homepage

For example let's say we wanted to remove the last poster column from the list of forums from the InstantForum homepage. To achieve this we would follow the steps below...

1. Open Skins/{YourSkinName}/Default.ascx

2. Locate the ViewForumGroups server control as shown below...

  <InstantForum:ViewForumGroups id="ctlViewForumGroups" Columns="Icon,Name,Topics,Replies,LastPost" AllowHeaderLinks="True" runat="Server"/>

Notice the Columns property has a comma delimited list of column names.,

To remove our last post column we would simply change this to...

  <InstantForum:ViewForumGroups id="ctlViewForumGroups" Columns="Icon,Name,Topics,Replies" AllowHeaderLinks="True" runat="Server"/>

Column Names

You can see a screen grab below showing the forum columns you can easily hide via the Columns property...

The column names corrospond as following...

  1. Icon
  2. Name
  3. Topics
  4. Replies
  5. Last Post

You will also notice a column called MobileLastPost. This column is only shown for smaller screen sizes and we would suggest leaving this in place. ‚Äč

Forum Lists Appear Elsewhere

Please remember the ViewForumGroups control is also elsewhere. For example when you view a forum we use this same control to show you any child forums within the forum your viewing.

This is shown via the "Messages.ascx" skin control also found in the root of your skin directory. If you make any changes to the Columns property for the ViewForumGroups control within Default.ascx you may wish to make the same changes within Messages.ascx to ensure forum lists appear consistent.