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Enabling StopForumSpam.com Integration

InstantForum 2014 and above integrates with a central 3rd party database of known spammers to help protect your community against spam.This service is provided by StopForumSpam.com.

InstantForum can be configured to check all new user registrations & posts against the StopForumSpam central database of known spammers.

Configuring the StopForumSpam Integration

To configure InstantForum to work with StopForumSpam you will first need to create an account on the StopForumSpam.com web site to obtain your private API key.

You can create this account here...

Once you've created your account you will have access to your StopForumSpam.com API key from the Account / My API Key section on the StopForumSpam.com web site.

Once you have your StopForumSpam.com API key the next stop is to plug this into InstantForum so you can start taking advantage of this integration.

You can configure StopForumSpam.com integration via the Admin CP > Forum Settings page. You will need to copy and paste your API key into the Stop Forum Spam API Key field as shown below...

Detect SPAM Posts

With the StopForumSpam.com integration enabled whenever a new post is made within InstantForum we will check the username, email address & IP address against the StopForumSpam.com database. If the API result matches the "Appearance" threshold you can configure via the InstantForum Admin CP the post will automatically be flagged as SPAM and queued (even in unmoderated forums) and an email will be sent to the forum moderators informing of the possible spam post.

If we detect a post to be SPAM the following message will be presented to the user...

In addition the email sent to your moderators to inform of the post will indicate the post was detected as SPAM. We still provide your moderators the change to review & approve the post.This give you the opportunity to still approve the post if the StopForumSpam.com API returned a false positive.

If the post is indeed SPAM you can use the improved quick member moderation menu available alongside each topic or on the member profile page if your a forum moderator to Ban the IP & delete the ember and all posts in one click.

When you ban an IP address within InstantForum this will add the user information both the internal InstantForum banned list of IP addresses and more importantly the users username, email address & IP address will now be added within the StopForumSpam.com database if you have this integration enabled. Over time this should help us all keep our communities clean.

Detect & Handle SPAM registrations

We've also added the StopForumSpam.com integration into our registration process. The goal is to provide you with an automated way to detect & deal with SPAM registrations.

If the username, email address or IP address of the user creating a new account appears within the StopForumSpam.com database and matches the minimum SPAM appearance threshold you've defined within InstantForum you can now handle the SPAM registration separately from normal registrations.

As an administrator you can customize how SPAM registrations are handled via the new "Spam Registration Action" drop down available below the StopForumSpam options on the Forum Settings page. These new options are shown below...

  • Do Nothing
    The spam registration will be treated the same as a normal registration.
  • Admin Approval
    If a registration is detected as SPAM it will require manual admin approval. No email will be generated to the admin.
  • Admin Approval + Email
    Same as above however this option will also send a notification email to the global email address deigned within the General Settings page with a link to approve the account.
  • Require User To Confirm Account via Email
    The user creating the account must click the unique activation link sent to the email address they provide during registration to fully activate the account.
  • Move to Member Group
    Move registrations detected as SPAM automatically to a specific member group upon registration.
  • Don't Create Account & Deny Access
    The account will not be created and the user will be displayed a message informing them the details they provided match those of known spammers.

The Spam Registration Action will only take effect if the details of the user creating an account match those of known spammers. For new accounts that pass all checks the standard "Registration Type" defined on the general "Login & Registration" settings page will be used.