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Understanding the InstantForum Files & Folders

After extracting InstantForum you'll see 3 new folders and a single Visual Studio solution file...

InsantASP.Common (Source Code)

NOTE: This folder is only available with our developer license. 

The InstantASP.Common folder contains all the source code for our InstantASP.Common framework. There are 3 sub folders InstantASP.Common (contains the core InstantASP.Common business code), InstantASP.common.Data (contains the core data access code) & InstantASP.Common.UI (contains the core UI server controls). 

InstantASP.InstantForum (Source Code)

This folder contains the source code for InstantForum.NET. There are 3 sub folders InstantASP.InstantForum (contains InstantForum business logic), InstantASP.InstantForum.Data (contains the InstantForum data provider) & InstantASP.InstantForum.UI (contains the code-behind for the various InstantForum skin controls)

InstantForum2015 (Web Site Files)

This folder contains all the web site files & folders. This is the folder you will need to copy into production or upload to your shared hosting provider. The source code folders are only required for local development when working with InstantForum within Visual Studio. Upon compilation within Visual Studio the source code is compiled into the various assemblies within the InstantForum2015\Bin directory.

Visual Studio Solution (InstantForum2015.sln)

You cam double click the solution file to open all the required projects within Visual Studio 2013 or above.