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Single Web Site Vs Single Server

We offer 2 different on-premise license types for InstantForum. Our Single Web Site License and our Single Server License. These licenses

Single Web Site

Our single web site license allows you to use a single installation of InstantForum on one production web site.. Sub-domains will require additional licenses.

Single web site licenses are linked to the URL you use to access your InstantForum isntallation.

We will always add licenses free of charge for development, testing or staging servers.

Single Server, Unlimited Web Sites

Our Single Server license allows you to install InstantForum as many times as you wish on a single web server. There are no restrictions to the number of production instances of our software you can create on your single web server. Ideal for development companies or consultants.

If you use InstantForum in a load balanced omnivore you will need a separate server license for each production machine within your load balanced environment.