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InstantForum 2012-1 to 2013

This article covers the steps necessary to upgrade an existing InstantForum 2012-1 installation to our InstantForum 2013 release.

Due to the number of skin changes within our InstantForum 2013 release (as result of the new theme roller) any previous skins developed for InstantForum 2012 will not work under InstantForum 2013. For this reason we would suggest installing a fresh instance of InstantForum 2013 and re-applying any visual customization. You can now use the new theme roller to get started with your visual customization. 

In addition we've migrated the entire code base to C#. If you modified the InstantForum 2012 VB.NET code you will need to re-apply your code changes again into the new C# projects if you wish to upgade.

This article assumes you are using a standard installation of InstantForum 2012 with no code changes and minimal skin changes. So let's begin...

1. Install a fresh instance of InstantForum 2013

You can will first need to download InstantForum 2013 from your My Licenses page. Once downloaded follow the steps here to copy the InstantForum 2013 files to your web server.

2. Upgrade your existing InstantForum 2012 database

Once you've installed all the InstantForum 2013 web site files on your server the next step is to update your existing InstantForum 2012-1 database. 

Important: Before attempting the upgrade we would strongly suggest you take a back-up of your current InstantForum 2012 database. Whilst it's unlikely you will encounter any errors whilst running our script we would strongly recommend you take a back-up of your database just to be safe. 
To upgrade your existing InstantForum 2012-1 database to InstantForum 2013 you will need to run a single TSQL script against your existing database from within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). 

You will need to connect to your SQL Server instance using SSMS and then open the database upgrade script located within the InstantForum2013 web site folder at...


You will need to execute this script against your existing InstantForum 2012-1 database. This will add the new tables & stored procedures as well as updating a number of existing tables and stored procedures. All existing data will be kept and no data will be deleted or removed during the upgrade. 

3. Update the InstantForum 2013 Database Connection String

Now you've upgraded your database the next step is to update the database connection string found within the InstantForum 2013 web.config file. You can learn more on how to configure the connection string here

4. Update key application settings

If your upgrading from an earlier version of InstantForum to our InstantForum 2013 release you will need to ensure you update the "InstantASP_CryptographyMethod" application setting within the web.config. 

This application settings instructs InstantForum on which encryption algorithm should be used to encrypt user passwords. The new default behavior for InstantForum 2013 is to encrypt passwords using a SHA512 hash. You will need to update this setting if you are upgrading to ensure your existing users can continue to login. Please change the "InstantASP_CryptographyMethod" application setting to use InstantForum 2013 encryption as shown below.


<add key="InstantASP_CryptographyMethod" value="SHA512" />

<add key="InstantASP_CryptographyMethod" value="TripleDES" />

We will be providing an upgrade path for existing customers to enable you to take advantage of the newer, more secure encryption options offered in InstantForum 2013. We hope to have further news on this very soon. 

That's It!

Once you've installed the InstantForum 2013 files, upgraded your database, updated the connection string and changed the default password encryption method you should be able to login and use InstantForum 2013 as before. 

If we can assist with any questions you may have during or after the upgrade process please don't hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket. We'll be more than happy to assist.