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InstantForum 2013 to 2013-1

This article details the steps necessary to update an existing InstantForum 2013 installation to the InstantForum 2013-1 release.

You can also find information in this article on the updates & fixes included within 2013-1. This update focuses on resolving bugs identified since our first 2013 release. We have not introduced any significant new functionality. 

2013-1 Improvements

To learn more about the upgrades in 2013-1 please read our blog.
  • 8 New Flat iOS7 style Mobile Themes
  • New Windows Phone 8 Theme (Alpha)
  • Performance improvements to Forum Activity Panel
  • Fixed bug if you edited a post with attachments and added a new attachment the previous attachments were cleared
  • Fixed bug with full text search on SQL Server 2012
  • Fixed delete post not deleting attachments
  • Fixed bug that prevented attachments from being viewed by anonymous users
  • Fixed bug that prevented user levels from showing in user card on events page
  • Fixed bug that would send followers a notification for forums they didn’t have access to (thanks Jeremy)
  • Fixed issue with member level image on user profile page not showing if SEO URLs were enabled
  • Fixed null reference exception on manage attachments page
  • Fixed redirect bug when clicking username at the very top of a topic if SEO URLS were enabled
  • Fixed request abortion client side message (i.e. user clicks away from page before load is complete)

Downloading the 2013-1 Update

If your an existing InstantForum 2013 customer the 2013-1 download will be available automatically on your My Licenses page at https://my.instantasp.co.uk/MyLicenses.aspx

Download the 2013-1 update and extract the contents of the zip file to your desktop. This will create a new folder on your desktop called"InstantForum2013-1Dev" or "InstantForum2013-1EUL" depending on your license.

How to upgrade from 2013 to 2013-1

Update your existing 2013 files

Download the 2013-1 update as detailed above.

Once you've downloaded the full 2013-1 update you will need to copy the files detailed below into your existing 2013 installation. If you prefer you can replace all files within your 2013 installation with the latest 2013-1 files ensuring you keep your existing 2013 "web.config" file. 

You will NOT need to replace the following files...

Your existing InstantForum 2013 web.config file
Your existing InstantForum 2013 Uploads folder
Your existing skin MasterPage.Master file

Be very careful not to replace your existing InstantForum 2013 web.config. The web.config file has not changed and if you replace this you will need to reconfigure your database connection string again.

2. Update your 2013 Database

There are a number of small database changes between the InstantForum 2013 and InstantForum 2013-1 release. To upgrade your InstantForum 2013 database to the latest schema you will need to run a single TSQL script against your database. 

1. Connect to your existing InstantForum 2013 database via SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
2. Goto File > Open and navigate to your InstantForum2013-1-Dev or InstantForum2013-1-EUL folder.
3. Locate and open the InstantForum2013/DatabaseScripts/UpgradeScripts/2013_to_2013-1.sql
4. Within the toolbar along the top of SSMS ensure your existing InstantForum 2013 database is selected in the database drop down list. Once you are confident your existing 2013 database is selected click the "Execute" button  alongside the database selection drop down list to run the script and upgrade your database. 

This TSQL script will update a number of stored procedures within your existing InstantForum 2013 database. It will also attempt to add a new column to the InstantASP_Roles table.

You may receive a warning when running the upgrade script informing you that the InstantASP_Roels.DateStamp column already exists. You can safely ignore this error. This message will not effect the upgrade script. We simply try to add this column again as customers who started with older version of InstantForum may not have the DateStamp column within the InstantASP_Roles table which is now required by InstantForum 2013-1. 

Updated InstantForum 2013 Files

The following files have been updated with the 2013-1 update. If you wish to only apply the updated files you should copy the files from the InstantForum 2013-1 download into your existing 2013 installation folder.

Updated Assemblies

The following assemblies will need updating within the "bin" directory.

  • InstantASP.Common.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.Configuration.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.Data.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.UI.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.Data.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.UI.dll
  • InstantASP.Licensing.dll

Updated JavaScript Files

  • js\3-debug-common.js
  • js\5-debug-forum.js
  • js\core.js

Updated Localization Files

  • Globalization\en-US\Resoruces.xml
  • Globalization\en-US\Strings.js

Updated Skin Files

  • Skins\{SkinName}\Admin\AdminEditAttachments.ascx

Updated Skin Images

  • No updated images

That's It!

Once you've updated the files listed above you should visit your existing InstantForum installation. If everything was successful you should be able to continue using your forum as before. As always if you have any questions or run into any problems during the upgrade don't hesitate to open a support ticket or contact us.