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InstantForum 2013-1 to 2013-2

This article details the steps necessary to update an existing InstantForum 2013-1 installation to the InstantForum 2013-2 release.

You can also find information in this article on the updates & fixes included within 2013-2. This update resolves a number of issues identified since our 2013-1 release and also introduces a number of highly requested smaller improvements. 

2013-2 Improvements

  • New cleaner, simple iOS7 inspired mobile skin
  • Added IE11 support to rich text editor (fixed spacing, links, images, videso)
  • Streamlined rich text editor design / layout to reduce clutter making it easier to focus on your conversations not the editor
  • Improved external image linking. If you link to an external image using the rich text editors "Insert Image" menu the external image will now be downloaded from the external site and saved locally on your web server. This is designed to reduce 404 errors within your posts overtime as images may be moved or removed from external sites. This feature is disabled by default and you will need to visit your Admin CP > Manage Permissions page. You will need to enable the "Save External Images Locally" to enable this feature for each permission set.. 
  • Improved live preview when composing messages to reduce flicker effect
  • Improved paste functionality for the rich text editor. The editor will now automatically detect if you are pasting content from Microsoft Word and will ask if you wish to clean the content. We've also improved the conversion of word to HTML and you should see much better results when pasting word content. In addition the editor will now also detect if you are pasting content which contains style information. You will be prompted if you wish to clean your pasted content so it appears correctly within your forum. 
  • Improved the carriage return handler within the rich text editor to ensure this will offer consistent line spacing across all browsers.
  • Added resizing capabilities in web kit browsers (Safari, Chrome) web browsers for images & tables within the rich text editor. You can now select image, tables or table cells and re-size these within the editor.This capability is built into IE by default but requires simulation in webkit based browsers. 
  • Added support for short YouTube URLs within the "Insert Video" dialog within the rich text editor. You can now use www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsFJhqMESDM or youtu.be/HsFJhqMESDM
  • Improved attachment upload - You no longer have to wait for the attachment to upload - it will upload in the background allowing you to continue composing your message

2013-2 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with registration type and login using drop down lists not preserving selection
  • Fixed several drop down lists on user profile pages not preserving selection
  • Fixed two issues that affected customers running InstantForum in medium trust hosting environments
  • Fixed issue with Synchronize & Rebuild producing a 404
  • Fixed issue with static InstallURL variable when swapping between http and https which could cause incorrect paths. 
  • Fixed issue with color pickers in rich text editor not defaulting to the correct colors based on your selection
  • Fixed issue in HttpContext class that prevented oAuth login from working correctly
  • Fixed exception message on private message pages if you set allowed private messages to 0 within the Admin CP
  • Fixed issue with sort options on topic page not displaying correctly in Firefox
  • Fixed issue that prevented bulleted lists from working correctly in the editor
  • Fixed placeholder text on login page still showing email if username was selected
  • Fixed rich text editor resizing causing selection of page elements in webkit and mozilla
  • Fixed JSON encoding issue with forum names in mobile skin (' would show as u0027)
  • Fixed issue that would cause some admin pages to have additional white space at the bottom of the page due to the drop down list replacement
  • Fixed issue that could cause incorrect number of pages to appear to the right of topics on the  on the latest and popular posts page
  • Fixed a few small typos  and added additional localization strings
  • Fixed many other smaller bugs

Downloading the 2013-2 Update

If your an existing InstantForum 2013 customer the 2013-2 download will be available automatically on your My Licenses page at https://my.instantasp.co.uk/MyLicenses.as2x

Download the 2013-2 update and extract the contents of the zip file to your desktop. This will create a new folder on your desktop called"InstantForum2013-2-Dev" or "InstantForum2013-2-EUL" depending on your license.

How to upgrade from 2013-1 to 2013-2

1. Update your existing 2013-1 files

Once you've downloaded the full 2013-2 update you will need to copy the files detailed at the bottom of this article into your existing 2013-1 installation. If you prefer you can replace all files within your 2013-1 installation with the latest 2013-2 files ensuring you keep your existing 2013 "web.config" file. 

You will NOT need to replace the following files within your existing 2013-1 installation...

Your existing InstantForum 2013 web.config file
Your existing InstantForum 2013 Uploads folder
Your existing skin MasterPage.Master file

Be very careful not to replace your existing InstantForum 2013 web.config. The web.config file has not changed and if you replace this you will need to reconfigure your database connection string.

2. Update your 2013-1 Database

No database changes are required for 2013-1 to 2013-2. 

Using the new iOS 7 style mobile skin

To take advantage of the new iOS7 style mobile skin you'll simply need to copy the "Skins/Mobile" folder provided within the InstantForum 2013-2 download into your existing InstantForum 2013-1 Skins folder. You will be prompted to overwrite your existing Mobile folder. Select Yes when prompted. 

Updated InstantForum 2013-2 Files

The following files have been updated with the 2013-2 update. If you wish to only apply the updated files you should copy the files from the InstantForum 2013-2 download into your existing 2013-1 web site folder.

Updated Assemblies

The following assemblies will need updating within the "bin" directory.

  • InstantASP.Common.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.Configuration.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.Data.dll
  • InstantASP.Common.UI.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.Data.dll
  • InstantASP.InstantForum.UI.dll
  • InstantASP.Licensing.dll

Updated JavaScript Files

  • js\3-debug-common.js
  • js\4-debug-jPlugIns.js
  • js\5-debug-forum.js
  • js\6-debug-richtextbox.js
  • js\core.js

Updated Localization Files

  • Globalization\en-US\Resoruces.xml
  • Globalization\en-US\Strings.js

Updated Skin Files

  • Skins\{SkinName}\EditForumSettings.ascx

Updated Skin Images

  • No updated images

That's It!

Once you've updated the files listed above you should visit your existing InstantForum installation. If everything was successful you should be able to continue using your forum as before. As always if you have any questions or run into any problems during the upgrade don't hesitate to open a support ticket or contact us.