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Enabling Full-Text Search with InstantForum

This article details the steps required to enable SQL Server full text search support within InstantForum & SQL Server. SQL Server full text search provides a much quicker search within InstantForum than the regular TSQL based search so we would certainly suggesting enabling full text search if you have lots of data. Full text search is supported by all SQL Server Editions from Express and above.

Enabling Full -Text Search

If you've not already enabled full text search for your instance of SQL Server you can do so by executing the query below against your InstantForum database...

sp_fulltext_database 'enable'

For further information please refer to Enabling Full Text Search within SQL Server.

Creating your Catalog

Once you've enabled full-text search the next step is to create the catalog, Expand your InstantForum database within SQL Server 2012 Management Studio and click "Storage".Right click the "Full-Text Catalog" node and select "New Full-Text Catalog" as shown below...

This will popup the create catalog wizard. You can provide any name you wish for your catalog. We suggest leaving the majority of settings as the default when creating your catalog. You will have the option to amend catalog settings later.

Once you've created your catalog the next step is to add the database table columns we want to index to the catalog. For a complete list of column that need to be included within the catalog please see the section below.

Defining the Full-Text Indexes / Columns To Index

You will need to right click on each table listed below and select the "Define Full-Text Index" option for each table listed below.

Columns To Define Full Text Indexes For

You will need to define full-text indexes for the following columns...

  • InstantASP_Tags.TagKeyword
  • InstantForum_Topics.Title
  • InstantForum_Messages.Message

You will need to right click each table listed above within SQL Server Management Studio and select the Define New Full Text Index option as shown above.

This will walk you through the process of adding full text indexes to each of the tables. During the wizard you will need to select the column from the table also defined above.You can use the default settings when creating each index via the new index wizard however you must ensure you include the database table columns listed above.

Enabling Full-Text Search Within InstantForum

Once full-text is enabled within SQL Server and you've defined the indexes as shown above required by InstantForum you should enable full-text support within InstantForum. To enable full-text support within InstantForum you'll need to visit the Admin CP ยป Forum Settings page as shown below...

To learn more about the difference between ContainsTable & FreeTextTable please see the related links at the bottom of this article.

That's It!

I hope this information helps. If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to open a support ticket or contact us.