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Best Practices When Uploading To Production

This article contains helpful tips to help optimize your InstantForum production installation.

Disable ASP.NET Debugging

When uploading to a production environment we would suggest disabling debugging within the web.config file. You can do this by simply opening the web.config file within Visual Studio or NotePad and locate the following line…

<compilation debug="true">

Change this to…

<compilation debug="false">

By default debugging is disabled when you download & install InstantForum however if you've enabled debugging for local development you should disable this once in production. Disabling debugging will offer a small performance improvement within production.

NOTE: When you set debug to true InstantForum will load JavaScript from the various embedded resources within the InstantASP.InstantForum.UI.dll. This JavaScript is injected via the dynamically generated ScriptResources.axd handler. When debug is set to false the embedded JavaScript is swapped for a precompiled, static version of this JavaScript contained within js/framework/compositescripts.js.

Disable InstantASP Debugging

Our common frameworks uses a single application setting found within your installations web.config file to determine if our software should log additional usage & error information or load the development or production version of our JavaScript & CSS.

When using our software in a production environment we would suggest enduring this flag is disabled.

1. Open the web.config found within the root of your installation.
2. Locate the following application setting...

<add key="InstantASP_DebugMode" value="" />

Ensure this is set to false within your web.config file as shown below...

<add key="InstantASP_DebugMode" value="false" />

NOTE: When DebugMode is set to true all unminifed & unbundled JavaScript & CSS will be injected into each InstantForum page. When DebugMode is set to false InstantForum will use the pre-bundled and pre-minified version of the JavaScript & CSS. To learn how to modify our JavaScript or CSS and generate the bundled and minified versions please refer to the related links below.