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Creating InstantForum Language Packs

Before creating a custom InstantForum language pack you may wish to check our Available Language Packs. If we don't currently have a language pack to meet your needs you may wish to create your own. This article details how to create your own InstantForum language pack and the key files you'll need to modify.

Creating a New Language Pack

First you'll need to navigate to your InstantForum installation folder. Locate the "Globalization" directory and open this. You should see the default language pack folders provided with InstantForum…

To create your own language pack simply make a copy of the "en-US" folder…

Rename this folder to reflect the language you intend to target. We would suggest following the RFC 1766 standard in the format [Language code]-[County/Region code]. As in our example en-US stands for English - United States.

You can find a list of codes at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms533052(VS.85).aspx

Here we use the Chinese standard...

Once you've renamed the  language pack folder the next step is to locate the "Language.xml" file within your new folder and update the <Name></Name> element. You should  provide a name InstantForum can use to identify your new language pack within the InstantForum interface.

You'll need to open "Language.xml" within the new language pack folder and provide a name as shown below....

Selecting Your New Language Pack

Once you've made these changes you should see your new language pack available for selection within the InstantForum Admin CP > General Settings page as shown below....

To begin customizing the strings within your language pack you will need to modify the Resoures.xml, Emails.xml &  Strings.js files. Please remember when working with XML to consider special characters. Please see "Editing the Language Pack XML files"

What Files Will I Need To Modify?


This XML file contains the majority of text shown within the InstantForum UI. If you don't need to translate the Admin CP and only wish to translate the front-end you can leave all strings that are prefixed with "Admin_". 


This text contains all strings shown via client side JavaScript. For example when an ajax callback occurs or we need to prompt the user. You will need to translate all strings within this file. 


This XML filss contains the templates for all emails generated by InstantForum. If you wish for the emails generated from InstantForum are also in the board or users choosen language you'll need to transalte the various templates within the Emails.xml file. 

What software can I use to edit language pack XML files?

All language pack resource files can be edited using any standard ASCII editor such as NotePad, NotePad++ Sublime Text, Visual Studio or similar. If your working with double-byte character sets we would suggest using Visual Studio or ensure NotePad is saving the text files as Unicode.