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Customizing Interface Tex

All text displayed within the user interface for both InstantForum.NET or InstantKB.NET can be easily customized to suite your requirements. All user interface strings are held within the "Resrouces.xml" file of the respective Language Pack folder.

For example for our English (US) Language Pack this would be \{InstallDir}\Globalization\en-US\Resources.xml.

To change any user interface text within our products simply open the Resources.xml file within NotePad or similar standard text editor and search for the text you wish to modify.

This should locate the text within the Resources.xml allowing you to customize the text.

For controls that are built up dynamically using client-side JavaScript the user interface strings may be held within the "\Globalization\en-Us\Strings.js" file. You may wish to search this file if you don't find the text you wish to modify within the Resources.xml file.

Customizing Email Templates

Our products generate a number of emails to inform users of various activities. For example when a new member registers on your forum or knowledge base an email will be generated. You may wish to customize these emails. This si very simple with both InstantForum & InstantKB. To customize email templates simply open the "Emails.xml" file within NotePad or similar ASCII text editor. You can find the "Emails.xml" file within the root of your language pack folder.

You will need to locate the specific email template you wish to modify and update this. Once you save the file all future emails will include your updated text. For additional information please see Customizing Email Templates.

When modifying XML please be careful to ensure it's well-formed. Also you should consider special characters within XML. For more information please see "Editing the Language Pack XML files".