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Testing your InstantForum Installation

At this stage you should now test your InstantForum installation.

Visual Studio

If you opened the InstantForum solution within Visual Studio you can simply hit F5 to start running InstantForum. You may get a prompt to inform you InstantForum is not currently in debug mode. You should ensure debug mode if you wish to run InstantForum locally or use CTRL+F5 to run the InstantForum solution outside of debug mode.

You may also need to right click the InstantForum web site project within the Visual Studio solution explorer and set the web site project as the "Default Start Up Project". Similar you may need to locate the "Default.aspx" page within the InstantForum web site project, right click this and set this as the "Default Start Page".


If you configured InstantForum through IIS you would typically navigate to "https://localhost/InstantForum2016/" within the web browser on the server to test your installation.

If everything was successful you should see the default homepage as shown below...

If you don't receive the default InstantForum screen please review the related links below for a list of general exceptions you may encounter whilst installing InstantForum. If you do experience any problems and the issue is not covered within the related links below please don't hesitate to contact us.

Once you see the default InstantForum homepage the installation is almost complete.

Logging in as the Administrator

To access the admin & staff control panels you should login using the details below...

Email Address: admin@admin.com
Password: admin

You should update the default administrator login details after installing InstantForum. For further information please see Changing the default administrator account.

Enabling Outbound Emails

To ensure InstantForum can send application generated emails (password resets, topic subscription notifications etc) you should ensure the SMTP server settings are correctly configured. For further information please see Enabling Outbound Emails from InstantForum.