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Copying the InstantForum Files

After extracting the ZIP file to your desktop you'll see one of two folders based on the license type you purchased.

InstantForum Developer License

InstantForum Developer License customers will see a InstantForum2015DEV folder containing the following files…

InstantForum End User License

InstantForum End User License customers will see a InstantForum2015EUL folder containing the following files…

Local Development Within Visual Studio

With InstantForum there is no dependency on IIS. You can open the InstantForum Visual Studio solution file from any location on your computer within Visual Studio 2013 or above and use IIS Express within Visual Studio to run InstantForum.

You can open the Visual Studio solution from any location on your hard drive.

Understanding the Files & Folders

For additional information on the folders and files found within the InstantForum download please refer to Understanding the InstantForum Files & Folders.

Which Files Should I upload To Production?

If you don't intend to work with the InstantForum within Visual Studio locally on your computer you can simply upload the InstantForum files to a hosting environment. For further information on the files and folders you should upload please refer to Deploying InstantForum Into Production.