I've forgotten my administrator login

From time to time we hear from customers who have forgotten the administrator login details they use for InstantForum or InstantKB. This can be quite common if you take over the management of your community or support site.

If you've forgotten or don't have access to both your administrator email address & password the only way to login again to either InstantForum or InstantKB as an administrator is to update the administrator account directly within your InstantForum or InstantKB database. This requires you connect to your database using SQL Server Management Studio.

To assist we've provided the basic steps below on how to obtain the administrator email address and how to reset the administrator password.

  1. Connect to your SQL Server database using SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Expand your InstantForum or InstantKB database, Expand Tables
  3. Right click the "InstantASP_Users" table and select "Edit Top 200 Rows".
  4. This will display the first 200 users from your InstantForum or InstantKB users table. You will see in this table the email address and encrypted password for your users. You will need to identify the previous administrator account. You can use the "PrimaryRoleID" field to identify your administrator account as this will typically be set to 5 which is the default identity automatically assigned by a fresh installation of either InstantForum or InstantKB.
  5. Once you've identified the administrator account simply click within the "Password" field and enter a plain text password for your administrator account. You will also need to reset the "PasswordSalt" field to 0. Close the table within SQL Server Management Studio to save your changes. If you prefer you can use the example SQL below to update your password...

    UPDATE InstantASP_Users SET
    [Password] = 't3mppAs5w0r7',
    [PasswordSalt] = 0
    WHERE EmailAddress = 'youremail@address.com'

  6. Navigate to your InstantForum or InstantKB installation and click the Login link. Enter the email address and password that was shown in your database.

    NOTE: Whilst we do allow you to enter a plain text password to assist with lock out scenarios this is not the default behaviour for obvious security reasons. By default all passwords within the InstantASP_Users table will be encrypted or hashed when using our API based on the "InstantASP_CryptographyMethod" application setting within the InstantForum or InstantKB web.config file. By default all passwords within InstantKB or InstantForum are stored as a SHA512 hash and cannot be reversed or decrypted.
  7. Update your password. Once you've managed to successfully login and have access to the InstantForum or InstantKB administrator control panel please visit the Admin CP and click the "Manage Members" link. Locate and edit your administrator profile and select the "Update Password" option. Provide a new password you will remember as this will now be encrypted to hashed within the InstantASP_Users table.

I know my email but not my password

If you've only forgotten your InstantForum or InstantKB administrator password but do know the email address used for the administrator account and have access to this email account you can try to reset or request your password again from the InstantForum or InstantKB login pages.

Please note if your SMTP mail server is not configured correctly within the InstantForum or InstantKB administrator control panel you may not receive the password email. In this instance you would need to connect directly to your database as detailed above.