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Creating InstantKB Administrators

Getting Started

To create InstantKB administrators you will first need to be logged in as an InstantKB administrator and will need access to the InstantKB Admin CP.

As an InstantKB administrator you'll have full access to the InstantKB Admin CP allowing you to configure & manage spaces, workflows, forms, users etc. We would only suggest providing administrator access to your InstantKB Admin CP to trusted individuals within your organisation. We would also suggest using a strong password for the administrator account.

Creating New Administrators

To create new administrators within InstantKB you'll need to first visit the InstantKB Admin CP and click "Users" link on the left. Click Manage Users. From the Manage Users page locate the user account you wish to grant access to the InstantKB Admin CP and edit this user account.

To allow this account access to the InstantKB Admin CP you'll simply need to associate the built in "Administrator" user group with the user account either as a primary user group or as a secondary user group. This is shown below...

If the user belongs to the Administrator user group either as a primary or secondary user group they will have full access to the InstantKB Admin CP.

Revoke Administrator Access

To revoke access to the InstantKB Admin CP for any user account simply edit the user account via the InstantKB Admin CP and ensure the user account is not associated with the build in "Administrator" user group.

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