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Managing Views within InstantKB


Views allow you to customize the appearance of lists used to display support content & support issues both to end users & support agents throughout InstantKB. For a general overview of views within InstantKB please refer to our Views Overview article.  In this article we'll show how to manage views for any built-in or custom tab within InstantKB.

Managing Views For Any Tab

Every tab within InstantKB contain a few built-in views to represent the key lists used to present data within each tab. For example for content tabs we have 4 default views for each tab, these are "Latest", "Popular", "Category" & "Manage". Whilst for issue tracking tabs there are only 2 built in views these are "User View" & "Staff View".For an explanation of each default built-in view please refer to the Views Overview article.

To manage these views and add your own views within InstantKB you'll first need to visit the InstantKB Admin Control Panel. From within the Admin Control Panel click the small elipsis icon in the lower left as shown below...

After clicking the "More" link you'll be presented with a complete list of all your current tabs as shown below. Let's say we wanted to modify or add a view within our default Knowledgebase tab we would need to click the "Knowledgebase" tab within this list to expand further options and then choose "Manage Views". This is shown below...

Editing A View

From the Manage Views page you can edit any existing built-in view or add your own view...

Adding A Custom View

If you wish to display the same list differently depending on the user permission set associated with a user then adding your own custom view can help with this. Let's say for example you wanted to display an additional custom field only to support agents when viewing a list of articles in your support center.

You would create a custom view to include this custom column and explicitly set this view for the tab within the support agent user permission set via the InstantKB Admin CP > Users > Permission Sets page.

Let's add a custom view and display the title and a custom version column as shown below....

Once we save the view to apply this view only to our support agents and not our regular users we'll need to visit the Users > Permissions page as shown below and edit the support agents permission set...

From the Knowledgebase tab permissions page we can override the default view specifically for our users who have the Moderator / Staff permission set associated with there account.

That's It!

We hope this gives you a sense of how views can be used within InstantKB to customize the default lists. Of course if we can assist further please don't hesitate to submit s support request.

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