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Subscribing to forums via email

Managing Email Subscriptions

Within InstantForum you can choose to subscribe to or follow any forum. When you subscribe to a forum you'll be notified via email whenever new topics or replies to existing topics are posted.

Subscribing to a single forum

When viewing a forum you can subscribe to that forum to review emails whenever new posts go live as shown below. You will require a forum account and will be prompted to login or register if you don't already have an account...

Choosing a Subscription Type

Once you click the subscribe link you'll be presented with the following options...

Subscribe By Email

This will send you an email each time a new post or reply to an existing post goes live within the forum.

Add To Favorites

This simply adds the forum to your Forum Subscriptions list (like a bookmark). This optio won't generate any email notifications when new posts are made.

Whilst we don't support email digests currently we are working on this feature and will be adding daily or weekly subscription types to the drop down list shown above.

When attempting to subscribe to forums you may receive a permissions error if the administrator has disabled this feature or imposed reputation thresholds on this feature.

I don't see my subscription emails?

Please remember you will only be sent an email notification when other community members posts within the forum you are subscribed to. You won't receive email notifications for your own posts.

No Emails?
If you still don't see subscription emails an are an administrator for your InstantForum isntallation please see Debugging Email Problems with InstantForum & InstantKB.

Opting Out Of Email Notifications

InstantForum 2016 or above (one click opt-out)

If your using InstantForum 2016 or above all subscription emails contain a unique one click opt-out link making it super easy to unsubscribe if your receiving to many emails. There is no need to login with this option.

InstantForum 2015 and earlier (requires login)

If your using an earlier version of InstantForum you will need to login to your InstantForum account and visit your account page. Locate the Forum Subscriptions option to manage your subscriptions.

Migrate Existing Subscriptions
If you upgrade to InstantForum 2016 and wish to take advantage of the new one click opt-out functionality please see the guidance in this article.

From within your account area within InstantForum you can opt-out of individual forums or all forums at once using the options highlighted below...

Forum Moderator?

If you've been assigned as a moderator to a moderated forum and posts require moderator approval you can also choose to be notified via email whenever new posts require approval. These options work separately from subscribing to forums so you will need to ensure the following options are enabled for the forum via the Admin CP > Manage Moderators page.

  • Email notification for new topics?
  • Email notification for new replies?
  • Email notification for edited posts?

These options are explained further here.​

If you set these options for your moderator account you will be notified whenever new posts require moderator approval. If the forum is not moderated and posts don't require moderator approval these options are redundant and even as a moderator you should subscribe to forums to get notified of new posts..

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