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Profile Banners within InstantForum

Managing Your Profile

In addition to your public profile photo you can also upload a public profile banner within InstantForum. The profile banner is displayed within your user card (typically shown when users hover over your profile photo) and on your public profile page within InstantForum.


You can see an examples of a typical user banner below...

And also shown within a users user card when we hover over the user photo....

Uploading Your Own Profile Banner

To upload your own profile banner simply visit your InstantForum profile page by clicking your username in the upper right of each InstantForum page. Hover over your user banner and click the Change Image button as shown below...

You will be presented with our Edit Banner dialog allowing you choose from existing banners or upload your own....

When uploading your own banner the default allowed file types are .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg & .png. You will also see additional information on the allowed maximum file size for your image before uploading.

As an InstantForum administrator you can customize the default banners users can choose from within the Edit Banner dialog. Simply add your images to the Images/MemberBanners folder within the root of your InstantForum installation.

We hope this helps you build a profile that stands out in your InstantForum community.

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