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When generating email notifications within InstantKB for example via a work flow step notification or by an inbound ticketing rule InstantKB allows you to define quick tags that can be placed into the notifications subject line or body. These quick tags are special tags that will be replaced at run-time or when the email is triggered with real data related to the application recipient, sender, article or ticket.

The quick tags you can use within emails triggered by InstantKB are supplied below.

Not all quick tags will always be populated. For example if you are sending a email notification from a work flow step related to a support ticket then no article information will be available and vice-versa. If you try to use for example [ArticleTitle] in a notification triggered from a ticket work flow step the quick tag [ArticleTitle] will simply be replaced with an empty string. For ticket work flow step notifications for emails triggered from inbound rules you should of course use [TicketTitle] or just [Title].

Supported Quick Tags


  • [DateStamp]
  • [ApplicationUrl]
  • [ApplicationName]
  • [ApplicationEmailAddress]

Recipient Information

The information will be populated for all emails sent to users registered within InstantKB.

  • [RecipientUserID]
  • [RecipientUsername]
  • [RecipientName]
  • [RecipientEmailAddress]
  • [RecipientTotalVisits]
  • [RecipientPhone]
  • [RecipientPassword]
  • [RecipientConfirmationCode]
  • [RecipientConfirmationURL]
  • [PathsAdminEditReceipient]

Sender Information

If the notification has a specific sender this information will be populated. If the email is generated from the global application email address this information will be empty.

  • [SenderUserID]
  • [SenderUsername]
  • [SenderEmailAddress]
  • [SenderPhone]
  • [SenderSignature]

Article Information

These quick tags can be used in emails that are passed an article object. For example within article work flow step notifications.

  • [Title]
  • [ArticleTitle]
  • [ArticleText]
  • [ArticleID]
  • [ArticleModifiedUsername]
  • [ArticleModifiedDate]
  • [ArticleCreatedDate]

Article Category Information

  • [CategoryTitle]
  • [CategoryID]

Work Flow Step Information

This information will be populated if the notification was triggered by a work flow step.

  • [WorkFlowStepTitle]
  • [WorkFlowStepID]

Ticket Reply Information

  • [TicketReplyText]
  • [TicketReplyTimeWorked]

Ticket Information

This information will be populated for all emails generated that relate to a ticket. For example within ticket work flow step notifications or within inbound rules that trigger further email notifications.

  • [Title]
  • [TicketTitle]
  • [TicketText]
  • [TicketID]
  • [TicketURL]
  • [TicketClientURL]
  • [TicketSLAName]
  • [TicketSLAResponseTime]
  • [TicketDueDate]
  • [TicketWorkFlowStep]
  • [TicketTimeWorked]
  • [TicketStatus]
  • [TicketPriority]
  • [TicketAssignedToUsername]
  • [TicketCreatedByUsername]
  • [TicketCreatedEmail]
  • [TicketModifiedUsername]
  • [TicketModifiedEmail]

Rule Information

This information will be populated if the notification was triggered by a rule.

  • [RuleName]

Agent Alert Information

This information is populated if the notification was generated by a agent alert.

  • [AlertName]

Global Paths

These can be helpful if you wish to link to specific areas within your support site from notifications triggered by InstantKB.

  • [PathsHomepage]
  • [PathsLoginURL]
  • [PathsSendValidationCode]
  • [PathsForgotPassword]
  • [PathsResetPassword]

That's it!

We hope this references help you build some great email notifications into your work flow. If we can assist further of course please don't hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket.

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