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Introduction To Contact Lists

Contact Lists

Contact lists within InstantKB help you organize the people who contact you through the various inbound support channels offered by InstantKB. You can create any number of contact lists and place any contact into one or multiple contact list.

Ways To Use Contact Lists

You can use contact lists in a number of ways to help you organize the people you support.

For example you could create a contact list for each organization or company you support. You can then place individual contacts from each organization or company into the relevant contact list.

Alternatively you could use contact lists to group existing customers. For example maybe you create a contact list for each product you offer and place users into the respective contact list based on the products or services they have purchased from you.

Maybe you have a group of partners or vendors you work with and wish to seperate these from the real customers you support. Contact lists are a great way to do this.

Why Organize Contacts Into Lists?

Contact lists help you group tickets allowing support agents to easily filter tickets. For example lets' say an email arrives from Joe who belongs to our Acme Inc contact list. We want to see all previous communication with everyone at Acme Inc before we help Joe. If we place everyone from Acme Inc into our Acme Inc contact list we can then filter by this contact list to see all previous tickets from Acme Inc.

This is nice however the real power from contact lists comes when you combine contact lists with automated inbound rules within InstantKB. Using our previous example let's say we have a dedicated support representative for Joe and everyone at Acme Inc. Acme Inc is a super important customer and we want to ensure anyone within our Acme Inc contact list receives priority support. We can easily achieve this by creating a rule within InstantKB that would execute on any ticket from any contact within the Acme Inc contact list. This rule could be set-up to automatically associate a higher priority SLA or trigger additional notifications to our dedicated support representative and / or anyone else within your organization.

Showing Tickets From Specific Contact Lists

To show all tickets from a particular contact list you'll need to first visit the Manage Tickets page within the InstantKB Agent CP. Click the small magnifying glass in the upper right corner to reveal the various ticket search options.

You can now filter tickets and show only those created by contacts from a specific contact list. This is shown below...

Creating Contact Lists

Admin CP

You can create a new contact list in two ways. First you can create contact lists from the InstantKB Admin CP by hovering over users on the left and selecting Lists from the menu. Here you can edit, sort or delete existing lists as well as add new contact lists. This is helpful if you plan your lists ahead of time and don't update them very often.

Support Ticket

The second option is to create a new contact list right from a support ticket. When viewing a support ticket click the user icon within the tool bar along the top. This is shown below...

From here click Edit Profile as shown below...

When editing this users profile we can add this contact to specific contact lists or create a new contact list for this contact as shown below...

That;s It!

We hope this basic introduction to contact lists helps you keep your contacts organized and helps you automate repetitive tasks through the user of contact lists and inbound rules. If you have any specific questions as always of course please don't hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket.

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