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InstantForum lets you upload images from your local device or link to existing images via a URL. When posting your message within InstantForum locate the "Insert" link within the bottom of the editor to reveal various options for adding images, links & videos.

Uploading An Image

To embed an image from your local device (PC or Tablet) into a post place your cursor within the editor where you would like to add the image. Then hover over or click the "Insert" link within the editor and click or tap the "Insert Image" button, then click or tab the "Browse for Image" button and locate the image on your hard drive or tablet device as shown below...

Embedding Videos Within Posts

InstantForum lets you easily embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into forum posts through built in support within the editor used to compose messages. Administrators can also extend InstantForum through custom IFCodes to add support for additional media types or video streaming services. The example below shows us using the Insert YouTube video option to paste a YouTube URL (the URL of the page that contains the video) into the editor.

This is then added as IFCode which is parsed into the necessary flash or<object> tag within the post HTML and will show in the post preview.

NOTE: Embedding video content from other media sites often requires the client viewing the embedded content to have Adobe Flash enabled within the web browser. If Adobe Flash is not enabled as in the example above the user will need to choose to enable Flash for the content. This issue is resolved by the HTML 5 <video> tag but unfortunately some media streaming services don't support embeds using the HTML 5 <video/> tag.

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