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Managing Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans

Paid subscription plans introduced with InstantForum 2015 allow you to optionally create a gated or subscription only community. Users must purchase a subscription via before they can access forums protected by a subscription plan.

You can create any number of subscription plans within InstantForum and associate one or more of these subscription plans to any specific forum within your community. If a subscription plan is associated with a forum whenever a user attempts to access the forum or red a topic posted to that forum they will be presented with a list of available subscription plans they can purchase to access your community.

TIP: Before creating your forum subscription plans you will need to let InstantForum know which account you would like to use to receive payments. Please ensure you've provided your email address within the Manage Settings » Forum Settings page.

Creating & Editing Subscription Plans

You can create new subscription plans or edit existing subscription plans from within the InstantForum Admin CP via the Subscription Plans » Manage Plans page as shown below...

When creating a subscription plan you can provide a name & description which is shown to your users to describe your subscription plan and explain the benefits. For each subscription plan you can also choose the currency (GBP, USD etc) you would like to bill users and specify the billing period (weekly, monthly, yearly) and billing interval (every 2 months, every 1 week etc).

Associating Subscription Plans With Forums

After you've created your subscription plans via the InstantForum Admin CP you can associate one or more of your subscription plans with any individual forum you've created.

To associate subscription plans with a particular forum you will need to visit the InstantForum Admin CP and visit the Forums » Manage Forums page. Locate the forum you would like to associate a subscription plan with and choose the Edit Forum option. For further information on editing forums please see Creating & Editing Forums.

When editing your forum you will need to ensure the "Requires Paid Subscription Plan?" check box is ticked. Once ticked this will reveal a list of subscription plans you can associate with the forum as shown below...

Once you associate a subscription plan with a forum the forum and topics within that forum would only be visible to users within your community who are also associated with one or more of the same subscription plans.

If the user does not belong to one of the subscription plans associated with the forum and they try to access the forum or a topic within the forum the user will be presented with a pay wall showing the available subscription plans they can purchase to access the forum as shown below...

How Payments Work

Currently all subscription plan payments are managed through When a user chooses a subscription plan they will be redirected to to purchase the recurring subscription plan.

After the user completes the purchase with they will be redirected back to your forum and will automatically be associated with the subscription plan they purchased. This allows the user to immediately access the subscriber only content after they purchase the subscription plan through

Controlling Subscription Plans Associated With Users

You can see any orders placed by users or manually manage a users subscription plans via the InstantForum Admin CP from the Members » Manage Members page as shown below...

For fur5ther information on editing user profiles please see Managing Members.

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