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Managing Achievements


Achievements within InstantForum let you reward people for participating within your community. InstantForum contains over 85 achievements out the box and offers the ability for you to extend this with your own custom achievements.

Achievements are typically awarded to users as they perform specific activities within your community or reach certain thresholds for activities within your community. The thresholds for awarding achievements can be customized by administrators to suite the level of traffic you anticipate.

For example take the "Forum Subscriber" achievement with comes by default with InstantForum. This achievement is awarded to users when they subscribe via email to forums. InstantForum has 5 different levels of this same achievement which is awarded as you subscribe to more and more forums. This is shown below...

You can see the threshold for each achievement to the right of the achievement and any bonus reputation points the user may earn when they are awarded the achievement.

In this example the Forum Subscriber 1 achievement is awarded to users when they subscribe to 1 forum, the Forum Subscriber 2 achievement is awarded when they subscribe to 4 forums and the Forum Subscriber 3 achievement is awarded when they subscribe to 12 forums etc etc.

Again you can customize the various thresholds for any achievement. It would not make sense to have an achievement that is awarded when you subscribe to 12 forums if you've only created 6 forums.

Out the Box Achievements

The following describes the various activities in which users can earn achievements. You can create or edit achievements for any of the activities below and the associated thresholds or bonus reputation.

  • Biography
    Awarded when a user provides a brief profile bio.
  • Interests
    Awarded when a user provides interest information within there profile.
  • Photo
    Awarded when a user chooses or uploads a profile photo.
  • Signature
    Awarded when a user provides a signature within there profile.
  • Visits
    Awarded when a user visits X number of times.
  • Topics
    Awarded when a user starts X number of new topics.
  • Replies
    Awarded when a user replies to X number of topics.
  • Edits
    Awarded when a user edits X number of posts.
  • Views
    Awarded when a users topic receive X number of views.​
  • Follows
    Awarded when a user follows X number of other community members.
  • Followers
    Awarded when a user reaches X number of followers
  • Answers
    Awarded when a user flags X number of posts as answers.
  • Post Answers
    Awarded when a users reaches X number of accepted answers.
  • Likes
    Awarded when a user likes X number of posts.
  • Post Likes
    Awarded when a users single post receives X number of likes.
  • Total Likes
    Awarded when a user receives X number of likes across all posts.
  • Private Messages
    Awarded when a user sends X number of private messages.​
  • Forum Subscriptions
    Awarded when a user subscribes to X number of forums.
  • Topic Subscriptions
    Awarded when a user subscribes to X number of topics.
There are also 3 levels of each achievement you can choose from. These are Bronze, Silver & Gold. These are intended to link in with the thresholds you can set for each achievement. This allows you to associate a bronze achievement if a users post receives 1 like whilst a gold achievement it a users post receive 500 likes.

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