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Managing Topic Types

Topic Types

Topic types within InstantForum offer an additional way to help you categorize & organize your discussions.

You can create any number of custom topic types & users can filter by topic types via the forum homepage or when viewing a forum via the filter menu. When posting a new topic users can also select from one of the topic types. You can control the ability for users to select topic types when posting new topics via permission sets.

Topic Type Behavior

In addition based on the behavior defined for the topic type (Question, Problem, Suggestion, Idea etc) alternative options will be shown to users when viewing topics with a specific type.

For example if a topic is associated with a topic type that has the behavior of "Problem" the normal like button will be replaced with a "Me Too" button. For Idea or Suggestion behaviors the like button will be replaced with a "Vote Up" button.

Creating & Editing Topic Types

You can create new topic types or edit existing topic types within the Admin CP from the Topic Types > Manage Types page as shown below...

Filtering Topics By Type

As a regular forum user you can filter discussions by the topic type associated with them from the forum homepage as shown below...

Filtering Topics By Behavior

Additionally when viewing a forum you can filter topics by the behavior associated with your topic types as shown below...

Controlling Access To Topic Types

If you wish to disable topic types or hide topic types for specific member groups you can control the visibility of the topic type options via InstantForum permission sets as shown below...

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