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Managing Queued Emails


Email messages generated by the forum are not immediately sent, instead they are queued and polled in the background at set intervals for sending. This provides a massive performance boost within the forum and offers the ability to queue several thousand messages, emails can then be sent in batches from the queue until all messages are sent.

You can edit how often emails are periodically polled by modifying the InstantASP_EmailInterval application setting within the web.config file. If a problem occurs whilst attempting to send an email from the queue an exception will NOT be raised. Any emails that could not be successfully sent will simply remain in your queue until they can be resolved.

If you notice messages are not being sent from your queue and emails are enabled you should double check your email settings on the Manage Settings » Email Settings page and ensure your SMTP server details are correct. If specific messages don't appear to be leaving your queue it's worth checking the recipient email address for the message is valid. If the email address is not a valid domain the email will fail and remain within your queue until the email attempts threshold is met and then it will be deleted. .

To manage queued emails go to, Communication » Manage Queued Email's. You will be presented with a screen similar to below...

The highlighted check boxes above allow you to select multiple email messages to delete. You should select any messages you wish to delete and click the Delete Selected button towards the bottom of the Manage Bulk Messages page.

You can preview each email within your queue by clicking the email subject line again highlighted above. If the email is sent before you can preview the message a notification will be displayed informing the email has been sent and cannot be viewed.

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