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The members awaiting activation page allows you to quickly review all the users currently awaiting full account activation.

Users are typically placed into the awaiting approval member if confirmation of the account emails address is required. Email confirmation is only required if the Registration Type setting on the Manage Settings » Login & Registration page is set to Confirmation Email.

You can define the default member group used for member's awaiting activation within the Manage Settings » Login & Registration page by modifying the Default Awaiting Approval Group setting. You may also wish to refer to the Login & Registration Settings section of this guide for more information on account approval options and default member groups.

Activating / Approving Members

You can manually activate members awaiting approval within Members & Groups » Awaiting Activation. A small Activate Account link will be displayed next to each member awaiting activation as shown below...

Activating member accounts simply moves a user from the "Default Awaiting Approval Group" into the "Default Confirmed Member Group", the default member groups can be defined on the Manage Settings » Login & Registration page.

Click the highlighted Activate Account link to view the account activation options as shown below...

You will notice you have the option of sending a confirmation email to the member informing them you have manually approved their forum account. You may choose to edit the confirmation email to include a custom message. If you don't wish to send a confirmation email, ensure the Send email

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