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Custom Spaces Introduction


Out the box InstantKB is provided with 4 default spaces. These are...

  • Knowledgebase
  • Troubleshooter
  • Downloads
  • Submit Ticket

Each of these spaces behave in a slightly different way discussed further below. You can extend InstantKB by adding your own unique custom Knowledgebase, Troubleshooter, Downloads or Ticket tab.

The ability to create your own custom tabs can be very helpful. For example this could allow you provide each department within your organization it's own unique support area. You could create a custom "Accounting" knowledgebase space, a custom "IT Support" knowledgebase space & a custom "Sales" knowledgebase space. This allows your different teams to each have there own unique are within your support center with specific permissions to control who can view & edit the content within each tab.

You can also create custom "Ticket" or "User Form" tabs. These tabs allow you to capture additional feedback from customers such as feature requests or bug reports via your support portal and have these submissions tracked within InstantKB. This would require you create a custom tab with it's own unique form to capture user feedback.

To create a custom form to display to end users you first need to create the tab users will click within the navigation to display the form. From the Admin CP > Tabs > Add Tab page enter a name for your tab for example "Bug Reports", set the Tab Type to "User Form" and enter "Bug" into the Tab Content Type textbox. Save the tab.

You now need to create the form to display to users under this tab. You can do this via the InstantKB Admin CP > Forms > Add Form page. Enter a name for your form for example Bug Report and then select the Bug Report tab we created previously. From the Edit Form page you can customize the fields that are shown within the forum and defined validation rules for required fields.

Once you've created your form simply jump back to the Tabs > Manage Tabs page. Edit your Bug Reports tab and set the "Default Form" to the Bug Report form you created in the previous step. When you click the Bug Reports tab via the front end support portal you'll now see the custom form you created. You can manage these submissions via the Bug Reports tab that will now appear within the InstantKB Staff CP.

The different tab types

The "Knowledgebase" tab allows you to create a collection of categorized articles to address common customer support questions.

The "Troubleshooter" tab is similar to the "Knowledgebase" tab with the key difference being you can define a series of questions at the bottom of the article to take the user to another article based on the answer. This can be helpful when you want to step customers through a series of questions to work towards a solution.

The "Downloads" tab again works similar to the "Knowledgebase" tab but provides some additional administrator options and user interfaces changes to focus the content around a file download.

The "Tickets / Issues"  tab presents a form (which can be customized) to end users within the front-end support portal allowing customers to submit questions or other feedback. A complete set of tools are provided within the Agent CP to help you manage & respond to customer questions submitted through a custom ticket or issue tracking tab.

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