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Using rules to create a auto-responder for new customer support tickets within InstantKB

Getting Started

When a customer submits a support ticket within InstantKB it's often a good idea to acknowledge receipt. To achieve this within InstantKB you can create a rule to send the customer an automated email to acknowledge receipt.

In this article I'll walk you through the basic steps to configure a rule that will send customers an email whenever they open a new support ticket or respond to existing tickets to acknowledge receipt.

Our rules are quite flexible and can be configured in a number of ways so we encourage you to experiment with the options available when creating rules to configure notifications & acknowledgements just the way you want.Let's get started....

1. Login as an administrator and visit the Admin Control Panel. 


2. Expand the navigation along the left within the Admin Control Panel to reveal additional options...

 3. Click the "Tickets" link within the expanded side navigation and then click "Manage Rules"...

4. From the "Manage Rules" page for your "Tickets" tab click the "Add Rule" button in the upper right hand corner...

5. Provide a name for your new rule for example "Receipt Acknowledgement To Customer". 

Next you will need to exclude staff tickets & replies as we only want to trigger this rule whenever a customer opens a new support ticket or posts a reply to an existing ticket. To do this simply check the "Exclude Staff Tickets" & "Exclude Staff Replies" check-boxes as shown below...

For this example we only want to trigger an email whenever a customers opens a new ticket or posts a reply to an existing ticket. For this reason you can leave all other rule conditions as default. The rule conditions determine when the rule will be triggered. For example you could customize this further and create a different rule for each department to provide a customized acknowledge based on the department customer selects when composing tickets. 

For now leave all extra rule conditions as default and scroll down to the very bottom of the Add Rule page. 

6. To send an email whenever a rule is triggered you will need to check the "Optional Email:" check-box. This will display a panel allowing you to provide an email, subject & message...

7. Next we need to customize the email that will be sent to our customer. We will need to customize the "Email Address" field to ensure our customer receives the email. 

Email Address

To ensure the customer who posted the ticket receives the email simply add [AuthorEmail] into the "Email Address" text box.This will be replaced when the email is generated with the real email address of the customer who opened the support ticket. 


There are a number of short cuts like this you can use within the email field. These include...

[ToEmail] <-- Staff members can open new tickets on behalf of users via the Admin CP. If they do this this will be replaced with the email address of the user they created the ticket for. 
[AuthorEmail] <-- The email address of the user who submitted the ticket via the front-end web interafce. 
[ModifiedEmail] <-- The user who last modified the ticket
[AssignedEmail] <-- The user who is assigned the ticket. 

You can also hard code an email address or multiple email addresses within the Email field. For example ";;" etc. You can also mix hard coded emails with short cuts for example... "; [AuthorEmail]".


Next you may wish to customize the "Subject" of the email that will be sent to the customer. The default subject whenever you create a new rule is "[ApplicationName] - Rule {[RuleName]} Triggered". This will be translated when the email is generated to "InstantKB - Rule {Receipt Acknowledgement To Customer} Triggered".

You can customize the text that replaces the [ApplicationName] shortcut via the General Settings page within the InstantKB Admin CP. 

The default subject is only intended as a template and is not very friendly to customers.

For this reason you may wish to customize this to something like...

[ApplicationName] - Ticket #[TicketID] Received


Again you can further customize the contents of the email. Again the default rule message is not very helpful to customers so you may wish to customize to something like...


This is a automated notification to inform you we have received your ticket titled "[TicketTitle]". 

We will work to respond to your questions as quickly and accurately as possible. Please allow unto 1 business day for a response however we typically respond more quickly. If you don't receive a prompt response please don't hesitate to escalate your ticket by calling the office as described below. 

For your reference your ticket has been assigned the ID of #[TicketID]. Please quote this ID in any communications outside of the ticketing system. 



A full list of shortcuts you can use within the message field be found below...


8. Save your new rule. 

That's It!

Whenever a customer opens a new support ticket now or posts a reply to an existing ticket within the "Tickets" tab this rule will be triggered and the email you customized will be sent to the customer. 

Please remember you can create multiple rules that meet different conditions. For example you can create a rule that will inform several staff members that a customer has opened a new ticket or only send an email when a ticket is directed to a specific department or contains specific keywords. 

We hope this practical examples helps you get started with rules within InstantKB. As always if we can assist with any questions please don't hesitate to comment below, open a new support ticket or contact us.

Optionally provide private feedback to help us improve this article...

Thank you for your feedback!

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