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InstantForum allows your users to upload images within posts. This article is intended to help explain how you can control these image sizes within InstantForum and the options we have to help.

With InstantForum we offer two images re-sizing options.

1. A physical re-size in which all uploaded images will be physically downsized before they are saved to disk on the web server. This can be helpful for example if you don't want to allow any uploaded image to be larger than say 1024x768..

You can specify the maximum physical image dimensions via Permission Sets. You'll need to ensure your logged into your Admin CP. Click Manage Permissions on the left. You will need to edit each permission set and locate the "Maximum image dimensions? (WxH)" option. Set this to your desired dimensions. Images larger than these dimensions will be physically resized whilst maintaining the original aspect ratio before they are saved on your web server.

2. The other re-sizing option is designed to ensure images are displayed correctly within posts. Within the InstantForum Admin CP > Forum Settings page we have an option called ""Force Image Resize". This allows you to provide the maximum width of images that are displayed within posts.

Images wider than this width will be dynamically resized at run time through JavaScript to the maximum width whilst preserving the original aspect ratio. This is helpful if your site is constrained in width to say 800 pixels but you wish to allow larger images. This will still allow for large images but will resize images within posts to fit the maximum width you specified in the "Force Image Resize:" text box.

For example if you provide a value of 500 within the "Force Image Resize:" text box all images within posts that exceed 500 pixels wide will be resized to generate a thumbnail. You can then click this thumbnail to see the larger image. The lager image is constrained by the physical dimensions you can set as discussed in option one above.

The client side "Force Image Resize" option is new for InstantForum 2012 and does not appear earlier versions.

Further Help & Support

If we can assist with any questions with regards to image re-sizing within InstantForum please don't hesitate to open a support ticket or contact us.

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gopro posted 8 Years Ago
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Concise and insightful! Allowing your users to upload and resize images on your forum is really important for functionality and overall it improves user experience. I found the two image resizing options you provided very helpful. I will definitely take note of your advice for "Force Image Resize" and I look forward to using your products more. Keep it up.&nbsp;<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

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