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Evaluating InstantForum or InstantKB

InstantForum Licensing

We welcome you to fully evaluate out software before making any purchase decision. We want to be sure your 100% sure our products meet your requirements and so offer a free 30 day no obligation evaluation of our software.

You can download our software locally and try on premise or we can set-up a version of our software for you in our cloud environment.

Download / On-Premise Trial

To get started today please use the link below to create your trial account.

Cloud / SaaS Trial

We'll happily get you set-up within our Windows Azure environment. Register for a free 30 day trial below...

Try Online Demos

You can try our products right away via our live online demos...

Common Evaluation Questions

Can i use the same database I populate during my evaluation if I purchase a license?

Yes. The evaluation database is the same as the final production database and once you purchase a license either cloud or on-premise you can continue to use your evaluation database.

Can I use the same files I downloaded for my evaluation for my production installation?

Yes. The evaluation download is our full End User License however the evaluation by default is simply restricted to https://localhost/ or Once you purchase a license we'll add the production URL you wish to use allowing you to use the same files you've used for the evaluation within production.

Can I get an extension to my evaluation. 30 days is not enough.

Absolutely. Simply email or submit a support request and we'll ensure any custom URLs we've added for you are extended for another 30 days.

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