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InstantKB 2016-2 Breaking Changes

This article details the breaking changes to consider when upgrading from InstantKB 2016-1 to InstantKB 2016-2. These breaking changes will only effect you if your using the REST API or if you've previously modified JavaScript offered by InstantKB.

Paging Support Within Several API end points

We've updated several v1 API end points to improve the paging support offered by these end points. These will now return information such as total_results, page_count, page_index  page_size alongside the data you required. If your using the v1 api/articles, api/tickets or api/users end point you may need to update your code to accommodate for the new properties on the returned JSON.

Updated "js" folder structure

We've introduced a new JavaScript file into the "js" folder called "3-debug-api.js". This includes the first version of our JavaScript API to interact with the new REST services added in InstantKB 2016-1. The introduction of this new JavaScript has meant we've had to rename all existing development time JavaScript files. All debug files are still ultimately compiled into the core.js file as before.