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InstantKB 2016-2 Release Notes

Here you can find a complete list of fixes & improvements introduced within our InstantKB 2016-2 release.

  • Added new api/search REST endpoint
  • Rewritten search suggestions into jQuery plug-in & improved several areas around the search suggestion feature (now JSON based & supports paging).
  • Added prompt if you attempt to leave the page when responding to support tickets and have unsaved changes
  • Added ability to re-download embedded resources within email such as images if they don't appear correctly with the automated download
  • Fixed inconsistent sorting issues within documentation view if you moved articles to new parent articles
  • Fixed issue which allowed you to set a category as a child of it's self
  • Fixed issue with change actions not being applied within article work flow steps
  • Fixed issue with choose filter on manage articles page not updating the list title
  • Fixed issue with exact match within subject not contains rule condition
  • Fixed issue with placing category within it's self check if no parent was specified
  • Fixed issue with tag auto complete if only logged in as support agent
  • Fixed issues with documentation view not showing page titles
  • Fixed issues with some embedded images within inbound emails converted to tickets not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issues with work flow step change actions on custom fields not being applied
  • Fixed several role based security issues within the Agent control panel when only logged in as a support agent
  • Improved responsive design on smaller screens within Agent & Admin control panels
  • Fixed visual bug with contact fields appearing when editing signature when only logged in as support agent (non admin)
  • Private content only visible to support agents is no longer visible via the front end user interface or search if you are logged in as a support agent
  • Several smaller fixes, improvements and code refactorings