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InstantForum 2016-2 to 2017


This article details the steps necessary to update an existing InstantForum 2016-2 installation to the InstantForum 2017 release.

What's New

For a complete list of new features, improvements and fixes please see our InstantForum 2017 Release Notes.

Upgrade from InstantForum 2016-2 to 2017

1. Download InstantForum 2017

Download the InstantForum 2017 update. You can download this from your My Licenses page at http://my.instantasp.co.uk/MyLicenses.aspx.

You will need to click the "Download" button to the right of the InstantForum 2017 listing.

After you've completed the download extract the contents of the zip file to your desktop. This will create a new folder on your desktop called InstantForum2017DEV or InstantKForum017EUL depending on the license you purchased.

2. Update your existing InstantForum 2016 files

 Due to the number of changes within InstantForum 2017 we would suggest installing InstantForum 2017 alongside your existing InstantForum 2016 installation. We would not suggest trying to replace the InstantForum 2016 files with the InstantForum 2017 files as this will not work.

Let's say you have an existing folder called InstantForum2016 that contains your existing InstantForum 2016 web site files. You could create a new folder alongside the existing InstantForum2016 folder called InstantForum2017. So you would have 2 folders at the same level one called InstantForum2016 (your existing installation) and the other called InstantForum2017 (for your new installation).

Within your "InstantForum2017DEV" or "InstantForum2017EUL" folder you downloaded and extracted in step 1 above you will need to copy the entire contents of the "src" folder into your newly created InstantForum2017 folder. This is the folder that contains the "bin" folder and web.config. You can see this below...

With the InstantForum 2017 download the web application or files you'll need to deploy to your web site can be found within the "src" folder within the root of your InstantForum 2017 download. This has changed with InstantForum 2017 due to the new GitHub support.

Once you've copied the contents of the "src" folder into your newly created "InstantForum2017" folder you can now update your existing InstantForum 2016-2 database to the latest InstantForum 2017 schema.

3. Upgrading your InstantForum 2016-2 Database

Once you've installed the InstantForum 2017 files you will need to update the database connection string within the web.config file to point to your InstantForum database. Before you update the database connection string via the web.config you will of course need to upgrade your existing database to the InstantForum 2017 schema. We would suggest the following steps.

You will need the ability to connect to your database via SQL Server Management Studio. You can either upgrade your database in place or by taking a back-up first and restoring this backup under a new name.

To be safe we would always suggest taking a back-up first and so have provided steps below taking this into consideration. If your not able to take a backup of your InstantForum 2016 database it's safe to run the 2016-2_to_2017.sql script against your existing InstantForum 2016-2 database.

  • Take a backup of your existing InstantForum 2016-2 database.
  • Restore this backup under a new name. For example InstantForum2017.
  • Within SQL Server Management Studio goto Open File whilst connected to your restored InstantForum2016 database.
  • Navigate to your InstantForum2017 installation folder. From the installation folder navigate to "src\DatabaseScripts\Upgr‚ÄčadeScripts". Open "2016-2_to_2017.sql".
  • Ensure you have your InstantForum2016 database selected and Execute the 2016-2_to_2017.sql script. This will update your existing InstantForum 2016-2 database to the InstantForum 2017 schema whilst preserving all your existing data.

 That's It!

Once you've updated your files and updated your database you should visit your existing InstantForum installation. If everything was successful you should be able to continue using your community as before. As always if you have any questions, concerns or run into any problems during the upgrade don't hesitate to open a support ticket or contact us.