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Configuring IIS for InstantForum

You do not need to configure IIS for local development if you are using InstantForum as-is. InstantForum uses the built-in web server within Visual Studio (IIS Express) and does not require a dependency on the full version of IIS for local development. If you have a more specialized requirement and need to install InstantForum as a child application of your existing web site this information may be helpful.

Configuring Internet Information Servers (IIS) to work with InstantForum is straight-forward. Once you've copied the "InstantForum2016" folder into your web site directory you'll need to open IIS and locate the InstantForum2016 folder.

As InstantForum contains it's own "bin" directory and "web.config" file you'll need to make the InstantForum20XX folder a "web application" within IIS. Instructions on how to do this for each major version of IIS are provided below. You can of course rename the InstantForum20XX folder if you wish to something more appropriate. For example "forums" or "community". We would suggest renaming the folder to your liking before following the steps below.

You can also install InstantForum into a separate web site. For example if you wish to use a specific host header for a sub-domain. If your installing InstantForum into the root of a web site you can skip the steps below as the web site it's self within IIS is already a web application. You will only need to make the InstantForum web site folder a web application if you have installed this in a child directory below an existing web site.

Configuring IIS on Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 Windows 7, 8, 10

  1. Bring up your start menu. Type in "IIS" (without the quotes). Launch Internet Information Services Manager.
  2. Locate the "InstantForum20XX" folder and right-click to show the context menu.
  3. Click "Convert to Application" as shown below...

Once you've click "Convert to Application" you may be prompted to select an application pool for the web application. We would suggest using an "Integrated .NET 4.0" application pool.

Again these steps are not necessary if you working with InstantForum locally within Visual Studio.

To continue with your installation please use the link below....